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Membership in MAADS is available to any individual, partnership, corporation, or provider of adult day services, and to the associated businesses who support them.

Membership is based on the fiscal year of July 1 through June 30. Membership dues are based on the type of membership. Provider membership dues are based on the licensed capacity of the ADS center.


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Benefits of Membership:

Legislative representation - MAADS is proactive on public policy issues affecting adult day care providers. Through our affiliation with the LifeSpan Network, MAADS has access to experienced lobbyists to represent the interest of providers. Additionally, MAADS board members interact with legislators to advocate on behalf of providers, the clients we serve, and the programs we operate. MAADS offers support and encourages members to engage in grassroots programs.

Regulation oversight - MAADS fosters a working relationship with the Maryland Department of Health (MDH). The MAADS Executive Committee meets with MDH representatives on a regular basis to discuss issues affecting the adult day care industry. MAADS members may serve on MDH committees as a representative of adult day service providers.  MAADS members attend quarterly Medicaid Advisory meetings at MDH.

Educational programs – MAADS offers an annual conference to enhance the knowledge and skills of center employees. Peer to Peer events are offered throughout the year to members.  Registration discounts are available to MAADS members.

Staying informed - MAADS members receive e-mail alerts regarding meetings, legislative and regulatory developments, survey and certification concerns and new innovations on a regular basis.

Networking - Opportunities to network and problem solve with other medical day care providers at conferences, training sessions and general membership meetings are central to participation in MAADS.

Website - Members have access to general information, helpful tools and member listings with links to individual websites for increased marketing of your facility and services.

Member Discounts – Through the MAADS affiliation with the LifeSpan Network, members receive special discounts on products and services including:

  • Group Purchasing
  • Insurance Products

Dues Schedule:

Center/Provider Membership is based on licensing capacity:
Category 1 (licensed from 0 to 30):           $262 annually
Category 2 (licensed from 31 to 60):         $465 annually
Category 3 (licensed from 61 to 90):         $580 annually
Category 4 (licensed from 91 to 120):       $696 annually
Category 5 (licensed at 121 and above):   $812 annually

Affiliate Membership (any partnership, corporation or company who does not provide adult day services):                 $475 annually

Individual Membership (any person who does not operate an adult day service but who is interested in the field):              $128 annually

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