Services for Professionals

What kind of participants qualify?

Participants who have functional or cognitive impairments benefit greatly from the structured, comprehensive Adult Day Services (ADS) programs that provide a variety of health, social, and other related adult and senior care services.  ADS centers offer a safe, protective environment for individuals who are unable to remain alone or unable to care for themselves.  ADS centers give families the peace of mind to continue with their busy lives, while providing the support necessary to keep aging parents, health impaired spouses, or disabled family members in their homes.

Participants who are currently benefiting the most from ADS are individuals with:

  • Chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s
  • Stroke
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Developmental and Mental Disabilities


How can I get a participant enrolled in a center? 

Contact the ADS center of choice to speak with the case manager or the individual responsible for admissions.  This person will be able to provide detailed information on their center, the services provided, details of the admission process, as well as assist with determining which funding source, if any, is applicable.

If the potential client is on Medical Assistance, an evaluation will have to be completed by Adult Evaluation and Review Services (AERS), a division of local health departments, to determine eligibility.  Potential clients, their relatives, staff from agencies, or any concerned individual can submit a referral for an AERS assessment to be completed to determine the level of care.  Referrals are accepted by telephone (410-819-5640), fax (410-819-5660), mail or in person.  If eligible, Medical Assistance may pay for up to seven (7) days per week.

Potential clients eligible for funding through Veterans Administration (VA) would need to contact their VA social worker for assistance with getting set up for ADS.  The VA will pay for up to two (2) days per week for ADS.